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A couple-y task that they engaged in was shopping — maybe they were looking for bathing suits to take to Hawaii.“Gerard Butler and girlfriend Morgan Brown enjoyed a shopping trip in Malibu on Sunday,” reports .

You had Tuscany and you had Jamaica and then I took them away from you. And the Pembrokeshire coast, if it doesn't rain, but you can't count on that.

“They certainly looked comfortable in each other’s company.

Interior designer Morgan, 39, showed off her impressive toned figure in a pair of denim shorts and vest top as they made a pitstop at a beachside store.” Right before that, he was seen taking her to work, making sure that she got there on time.

He has been taking advantage of his beautiful Malibu home and taking his girlfriend to work.

Looks like the used-to-be playboy is ready to settle down with this beauty.

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He was nuts, but had a good heart, and wanted people to be happy. I was often on a beach, kneeling on some board, and the board wouldn't move, and my mother would be calling me, and I couldn't get to her. I was the youngest and would always say to my mum: 'Just tell me you love me more' and she'd always say: 'I love you all the same' and I'd say: 'I know you have to say that but, just admit it, you love me more'."Perhaps, I say, you needed to be an actor because it would allow you to be loved by audiences; loved on a large scale? And I could go on, but won't.) He says: "I try to just read the good ones and pretend they are all like that." And then: "No, I learn from reviews.

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