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" he asked, pointing to my headscarf (another familiar question). He tried to tug my scarf off, he hit me on the arm.

But sadly, these are subjects that I feel we have a responsibility to talk about.

For example, one lunchtime I was sat outside with a twelve-year-old lad who I’m going to pretend was called James.

I was talking to him, mainly about how much the weather sucked (being an Aspie I’d much rather talk about dinosaurs or Sonic the Hedgehog than endure small talk, but I’m British so the weather is our typical go-to conversation.).

And, in a story all too familiar to parents of autistic children, the source of this anxiety was a devastating amount of bullying throughout life at one of his previous schools.

One crucial match was scheduled for a day when the school was doing a special event.

] According to those closest to him, the bullying continued because each incident was seen as Morgan having a skewed perspective.

After all, he had an autistic spectrum disorder and didn’t see social situations like the rest of the children.

Disclaimer: I showed this section to Morgan whilst seeking his permission to publish it, and I asked him for no-holds-barred honest feedback about what he was comfortable with me writing.

His only demand was that I change the picture at the bottom to something cooler.

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