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It was placed on e Bay by a relative of Willoughby, who found it in a stash of papers in his attic.

It is not clear whether the seller was aware of its true value or not, but Dr Smith told the New York Times that the seller was contacted by numerous collectors, who offered him “absurd amounts of money”.

In addition, only around 3% of Christian biblical texts that survive from the first three centuries AD are from scrolls, the rest are codices.Last year, an object pulled up by a plow in a field and used to prop open an office door, was identified by archaeologists as an extremely rare and valuable Bronze Age ceremonial dagger , known as a dirk, one of only six found in the whole of Europe.There have also been cases of people buying trinkets for a few dollars at a market, only to discover they are priceless ancient treasures.Even though it looks very different from texts written in Old Egyptian using hieroglyphs, the two are related. This script was much easier to learn than the earlier writing systems used in ancient Egypt: hieroglyphic, hieratic and demotic scripts.In his article “Coptic—Egypt’s Christian Language” in the November/December 2015 issue of , Leo Depuydt gives a short history of the development of ancient Egyptian language and shows where the Coptic language fits in that timeline, as well as answering the question: Who were the Copts. Coptic was the of Egypt when Egypt was predominantly Christian.

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