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As stated earlier, there are two types of viruses which cause this infection.It follows therefore, if you already had one of the viruses you could also get the other one.Using them on each other is a great idea for sexual satisfaction without posing risk of infection.And yes, sharing should be avoided and proper cleaning ensured.

Is herpes stopping you from enjoying a healthy sexual life? This is because, there are numerous methods and techniques you can employ to avoid infecting your partner if they are not yet infected or re-infecting them in case they already have it. Herpes is an STD caused by Herpes simplex virus I and 2. This does not however imply that it cannot be prevented or controlled. And yes, whether your partner has herpes or not, there is no reason for you not to enjoy a safe and healthy sex life. Perhaps starting the discussion from this point will form a solid base for proper dissection of the topic in totality.For those who have not yet caught the infection, care must be observed to ensure that they do not catch it.And this is for obvious reasons, you can easily contract herpes when these genital fluids come into contact with those sores.In a situation where one of you is not infected, use of latex condom is paramount and should be used at all times.

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It is strongly advised that you complete all the dosage as prescribed by your health practitioner.

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