Cancer woman dating cancer woman

Positive points: people are innovative, protective and emotional. They often take responsibility of their family and are devoted to them. Their nature of taking responsibility can create burden on them.

Their nature is to help others and like to give advice.

They can be deeply wounded if anyone breaks their trust. Cancer person will either stay calm during pressure situation or would be dangerous to explode.

Mood swinging nature can also cause depression and sadness due to which they often try to hide themselves from the environment and people around.

They can have problems in their relation due to their past. Cancer prefers lifelong friend and share their inner thoughts only with them.

people like to be with the people who support them and praise their work. They would go out camping and hiking with their friends.

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Bush, Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Pamela Anderson, John Elliot Bradshaw, George Michael, King Edward VIII, Imelda Marcos, Mike Tyson, Georgio Armani Cultural Translations French: l’Écrevisse Portuguese: Cancer German: Krebs Arabic: Al Saratãn Spanish: Cáncer Turkish: Lenkutch Hebrew: Sartãn Greek: Octipes Hindu: Kulira or Karka Word of advice: Don’t let your personal life get mixed with your professional life.

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