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The use of photos may also help get that word count down, while still giving the user pertinent and useful information.A general rule of thumb is to not use more than 80 characters at once before a pause.As well, the best chatbots will have a unique personality specifically for each customer, giving new meaning to personalized service.Basically, the user can deal with the “same person” each time they need assistance, which gives the user the feeling of a developed relationship.The ability to self-learn will not only benefit the user, but also you as a developer, as you won’t have to continually update the chatbot with relevant information. Integrate The Bot With All Existing Systems While chatbots will take on the work of many people, a true human-supervised user experience is important.If a customer is escalating, you don’t want to leave your poor chatbot to fend for its life.

By asking the user what they’ve already tried, the chatbot can narrow down the potential answers and find the right one quite a bit more quickly.Bots that are built with a limited vocabulary will not be able to answer some simple questions, so it is in the developer’s best interest to build a chatbot that will organically builds its vocabulary as it communicates with users.It will only be then that it can ask more useful questions and be able to understand the user more clearly.Rather than asking an obvious question, they can hone in on what needs to be done and ask a question that will help to solve the problem.The same thing goes for complex questions, where a series of informational tidbits is given in one sentence.

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