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One girl's questionable relationship is revealed and another's advances prove too much for Ray's taste -- and yet another young lady is sent packing.A lot of tension has been building in the house between the girls so Ray decides everyone needs to blow off some steam for the next challenge.Having these girls with him did not slow down his lifestyle; he continued to be Ray J - bringing the girls with him to the hottest spots in LA, to Sin City to meet his famous friends, and even to meet his family.

I want to do this show to find a ride or die chick, a chick that makes me want to get out of the game." - Ray J Ray J, acclaimed singer, songwriter, actor, and celebrated "bad boy" of Hollywood has lived the life most people only dream about - late nights and lots and lots of girls.Ray splits the girls into the two cliques in the house - the Divas and the Darlings - to see who's been paying attention.Pushed to know the most about Ray, one team easily wins the challenge.Being in the business for long as Ray J has forced him question whether true love is possible.Ray J's success has brought many perks, including many beautiful women, but it's exactly these type of women that has made him question his belief in love.

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Ray J's house has quickly become divided between the diva/party girls and the darling/conservative girls.

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