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* (Fix) The boot sequence is different from the expected one in case of Wake on LAN(WOL). While the To interrupt normal startup, press the blue Think Vantage button message is displayed at the lower-left area of the screen, press the F1 key. The addresses vary and depend on the design of each Operating System.Version 7OETB0WW (2.10) * (New) Microcode updates of the processors. Attention: * Do not turn off or suspend the computer until the update has been completed. IF YOU DO THAT WHILE THE UPDATE IS STILL IN PROGRESS, THE SYSTEM BOARD MAY HAVE TO BE REPLACED. Print these instructions or display on another computer. Version 7OET28WW (1.07) * (Fix) A Bluetooth LED is On on the computer without the Bluetooth card installed.

Version 7OETB8WW (2.18) * (New) Support for Intel ICH-8 step B2 (added).Version 7OETB4WW (2.14) * (New) Microcode updates of the processors. * (Fix) Boot error occurs at Intel ICH8M SATA initialization. Memory Map information Reserved Area Reserved Area: The following conventional memory addresses are reserved by the BIOS and others.* (Fix) The error code 2100 (Hard disk drive 0 initialization error) is displayed only occasionally after "Setup Default" is done in BIOS Setup Utility. If a password prompt appears, type the correct password. Check BIOS Version and Embedded Controller Version. * C0000-CFFFF : Reserved for Video BIOS * D0000-D1FFF : Reserved for Option ROM of Ethernet (*a) * E0000-FFFFF : Reserved for System BIOSNotes:*a: This area becomes free by disabling the Ethernet LAN Option ROM option under Config and Network in the BIOS Setup Utility. Usable Area The following memory address can be used by the memory manager such as EMM386. D2000-DFFFF Note: Certain addresses in this area will be reserved for Card Bus Controllers or others by Operating Systems.This release supports the following systems:- Think Pad R61 - 15.4 inch widescreen models Machine types: 8930, 8932, 8933, 8934, 8935, 8936, 8937- Think Pad R61i - 15.4 inch widescreen model with IEEE 1394Machine type: 8932The following operating systems are supported:- Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit- Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit (*1)- Microsoft Windows XP (Home Edition and Professional)Notes:(1*) If Windows Vista 64-bit is already installed on your system, then you must use the bootable CD ISO format of this BIOS update.Summary of changes Version 7OETC2WW (2.22) * (Fix) Intel GM965 Video BIOS was updated to v1668 to fix blue screen issue on Windows Vista.

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