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There is also an "Honor Council" of students, faculty, and staff who educate the community on the Honor Principle and mediate conflict between individuals.

Reed categorizes its academic program into five Divisions and the Humanities program.

First introduced as an agreement to promote ethical academic behavior with the explicit end of relieving the faculty of policing student behavior, the Honor Principle was extended to cover all aspects of student life.Unsatisfactory grades are reported directly to the student and the student's adviser.Papers and exams are generally returned to students with lengthy comments but without grades affixed." There is no dean's list or honor roll per se, but students who maintain a GPA of 3.5 or above for an academic year receive academic commendations at the end of the spring semester which are noted on their transcripts.Overall, Reed offers five Humanities courses, twenty-six department majors, twelve interdisciplinary majors, six dual-degree programs with other colleges and universities, and programs for pre-medical and pre-veterinary students.Reed President Richard Scholz in 1922 called the educational program as a whole "an honest effort to disregard old historic rivalries and hostilities between the sciences and the arts, between professional and cultural subjects, and, ...

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