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PLUR is a universal concept that everyone can pick up on.

You might even be putting it to practice in your relationship and not even know it, and that’s okay. When it comes dating, a single person can’t have everything his/her way, it’s more of a two way street where trade happens.

Not only that, but the entire Las Vegas Speedway was covered in lights, giant ferris wheels and other colorful carnival rides lit up the night sky, and fellow ravers were giving each other light shows with their customized LED gloves (and did I mention that there were a ton of lights around?This also includes tough love that isn’t always happy, but still shows that you care for each other.Couples need unity in order to make big decisions together such as tying the knot or moving in together.For the last two years this has been our favorite festival and we highly recommend you get yourself to Rothbury.______________________________________ prices are going up at midnight! Get your #LICMiami tickets NOW before they're GONE! Discount code: SINGLERAVERS ________________________________________Do you have a crush on someone?

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