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However, that is definitely not stopping fans from 'shipping' the two k-pop idols and wanting them to date in real life, dubbing them as "Daragon." So understandably, when a video of G-Dragon supposedly kissing Sandara Park and protecting her from the throngs of fans after BIGBANG's concert in Seoul went viral online, it had ignited a hope in the hearts of fans that the two may in fact be dating in real life and that "Daragon" is not just a product of their fantasies.When the video first went viral, rumors and speculations began to spread like wildfire and it became the top trending news on several news sites like Allkpop.Just like with 2NE1's disbandment and Nam Tae Hyun's departure from WINNER, YG is once again breaking several hearts as they deny the dating rumors surrounding BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Sandara Park, a former member of 2NE1.G-Dragon and Sandara Park have known each other for almost a decade now and everyone knows how close they are as friends.I will really like to know how appler’s were feeling when GD put that photo of Rihanna in her Instagram, I mean he literally said that Rihanna was her ideal type!!

this is not fan-fiction, even google this, it is true, some are from news in the Philippines and her interviews on magazines, and some are just facts that others dont much know how kind this woman is.G-Dragon accompanies her towards the company car as they make their exit.Although the girl's identity cannot be identified completely, many presume it is Sandara Park.The G-Dragon and Sandara Park dating rumors came out shortly after the BIGBANG member reportedly broke up with his rumored girlfriend, model Kiko Mizuhara.Although it was never publicly confirmed, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara were photographed getting cozy with one another several times.

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Fans said that G-Dragon and Dara posted photos with identical poses or items one after the other.

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