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With straight cut bangs and blue eye shadow, The Gatekeeper held a dream in her stuffed bear backpack that one day she’d join a kick-ass bookkeeping company fighting the good fight.

Before she took on her bookkeeping duties at Homerooom, she cut her chops in the media world, and shut down the Vancouver Observer’s website with an article about the Beebs himself.

An intricate and well-molded pick-and-choose process, The Gatekeeper carefully assesses clients‘ bookkeeping needs to ensure Homeroom is the perfect fit. The Gatekeeper comes from superhero royalty, being born into a family of journalists speaking truth to power in Visoko, Bosnia, before moving to Vancouver via Germany and Slovenia.

His powers are revealed on the courts—any court—and he recently overthrew Homeroom’s long-running ping pong champ (Office Gal) during the most exciting tournament of the century!

(Well, amongst bookkeepers, anyway.) The fearless and wanderlust-filled Lone Wolf led his family’s westerly brigade when he...

So you can often find her cooking up something delicious for herself and Jules.

Show Less Born in southwestern Ontario, this bookkeeper comes with a competitive streak.

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