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The challenge is that today on Android there really isn’t the same simplicity to implement that there is on i OS7.They noted they’d have to basically go model to model to get it working, even with the improvements made on Android Kit Kat 4.4, it lacks the ability to push notifications over Bluetooth Smart uniformly across all devices (handset).They recommended to run approximately a mile (though more is fine), and to vary the paces that you’d normally run (meaning, go fast/slow/medium/etc…).Each time you run with the GPS outdoors, the Fenix will update the calibration table in case you go to the treadmill next.Yes, seriously, a 1.5 year old watch is the first watch to do so. Ironically, the only other watch that semi-similar functionality was the Motorola Motoactv, which has been discontinued for quite some time now. I’ve commented in the past that despite fitness watches gaining connectivity to the phone, they haven’t really bridged into the smart phone world yet from a complete integration standpoint.The closest we’ve seen recently was the Magellan Echo (and its cousin the Wahoo Fitness RFLKT).This is due to the fact that the Fenix unit’s chipset for communications only allows one of the two protocols to operate at once. If you had your phone nearby, the phone will automatically send any application notifications to your Fenix.

When asked, I received a variant of ‘no comment’ noting that they are different platforms (hardware and software) with different challenges. Though, the Garmin Approach S4 (a golfing watch built on the same hardware as the FR620) does Bluetooth Smart notifications. [Update: I’ve been told by the Fenix team that while the Approach S4 physically looks like the FR620, internally it’s an entirely different beast and is much more similar internally to the Garmin Fenix discussed here, fwiw.] Next, we’ve got ability to get pace and distance from the treadmill, without a footpod.You can specify targets however within the custom workout section below.At this point you can start the workout and it’ll guide you through the interval structure.For workouts, you’ll simply create them in Garmin Connect first: And then use the ‘Send to’ option to send it to the Fenix: On the Fenix, you’ll see the new option there after adding the ‘Workout’ page via the System settings. The first is to create an interval workout on the watch itself: In this case you specify to enable a warm-up and cool-down (controlled via lap button), and then you can create the work and rest intervals using either time or distance (or manual): Note that in the default interval mode, there are no targets however.Meaning, you aren’t setting a target pace of /mile, it’s simply a time or distance counter.

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They came in for phone calls, texts, Pay Pal notifications, you name it.

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