The minute Brianna saw Ana exit the plane she was running to meet her.It was as if they were old friends seeing each other for the first time after several years had past. They whispered to each other, almost simultaneously, "I love you." After retrieving Ana's luggage, they had lunch and then headed for home. Upon arriving at their home, Brianna suggested that Ana take a nice long, hot bubble bath to help relax her.And slowly Ana also started to develop a relationship with Gary.And in time all three were very close despite the fact that Ana was in Utah and they were in Nevada.Ana wanted very much to meet, in person, the two people she was in love with.

Ana readily agreed to the suggestion and followed Brianna to the bathroom.Brianna leaned over and softly kissed Ana on the lips. She leaned over and gently sucked Brianna's nipple into her mouth. Brianna began to moan softly and reached for Ana's breasts.Cupping one in each hand, she began to play with her nipples. As they kissed, Ana let her hand slowly move down Brianna's stomach, down to her lovely pussy. And as she came her pussy clamped down on Ana's fingers as if they were clamping down on a cock and squeezing the cum out of it." To which both Ana and Brianna replied, "Yes." And then Brianna said, "You may join us if you would like." Upon hearing the suggestion, Gary entered the bathroom and gently closed the door behind him.When Gary saw Brianna and Ana sitting in each others arms in the bubble bath.

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As Brianna continued to play with Ana's hair they fell silent.

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