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What are the necessary grammar qualities of a good writing ? Signatures anywhere on the chart may lead to consequences beyond grade deduction.How can I expand my vocabulary to write with more style? A signature in a dated “P” box on the chart, for example, means on that day you were not punctual or prepared.If you do any of the following, an automatic detention is given in addition to a strike. THIS IS THE PAGE WHERE YOU WILL FIND HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS! Other times, I may ask students to bring something needed for the lesson to class, such as a newspaper, magazine, or object. An incomplete homework assignment will result in a zero without options to receive credit at a later time. It will be available one month at a time on this website.

ALL AGES are represented in this annotated bibliography. This site is so comprehensive that teachers could literally use it for any unit within a language arts curriculum. The site is very user friendly and extremely kids safe. Each category will take you to mentor writings and activities to practice skills and get general information about any topic in the area of traditional grammar and writing. Online: for or grades 1 -8, this site offers games in math, science and English. The site serves writers from around the world and instructional materials and service of the writing lab are free. I am not sure how I would classify the ages; there seems to be something for everyone. Circle the descriptor that best matches your rating for each of the four categories, and then add up all the stars and divide by number of questions to get overall star rating. Category One – User Friendly Very easy to use and understand ***** Pretty easy to navigate **** Some questions about what to do *** Got lost a few times during navigation ** Home page looked friendly and then I had no clue * Category Two – Distracting Ad Pop Ups No ads popped up anywhere on the page ***** One but it was the company that sponsored the site **** A couple but they were educational/related *** A couple and they were not educational/related ** More than two and they were not related at all * Category Three – Attraction/Aesthetics Colorful, appealing, easy to read, not “too busy” ***** Only three of above **** Only two of the above ** Only one of the above ** None of the above * Category Four – the Games/Activities Variety , fun, gave me feedback, would play again ***** Only three of the above **** Only two of the above *** Only one of the above ** I practiced a skill but wouldn’t play again * Library trips vary depending on unit!A month by month unit and day-by-day topic of study is available on the mapping. If you wish more detailed information, please also surf through the other posts and pages on this website, especially the vocabulary, journals and essential question sections.CURRENT UNITS: 7th graders will begin a poetry unit on February 1.They may, for example, bring in current event articles to share. It is interactive and run/updated and designed by an ICT (Information and Communication technology) consultant. This website is user friendly catering to ages 2nd grade – 5th grade and all levels of skill. Owl at Purdue has a very good reputation for the quality of its sites and services. You register and practice your grammar and writing skills.These articles should pertain to the topic of the current unit. NEW WEBSITE TO CHECKOUT: CREDIT WILL NOT BE AWARDED TO STUDENTS WITH MISSING ASSIGNMENTS! Here are two websites that offer grammar practice with phrases, clauses and homophones: 3 points extra credit, print Below is also an annotated bibliography showing various websites that kids can use to practice their grammar and writing skills. While none of these are mandatory assignments, practicing does make perfect:) 10 points extra credit for each 30 minutes on the site verified by a parent. There are links to games and activities free of charge. Something Grammar related can be found for all levels here at Fun Online: Guide to grammar and writing is an awesome website with a user friendly way to explore grammar in the context of writing. The games seem to be cater to adapted learning needs and it is a site that offers much variety in terms of the type of review games from which to choose. There are adult course offered through this site and teacher guides and resources as well. Teachers can get handouts and you can post videos through this site. You get 5 points extra credit if you review a site for me!

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