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I'm a Dutch citizen who has previously lived in Sweden for six years, but I have since moved on.

I know that my Canadian social insurance number will expire. you already got some answers that confirm that the number doesn't expire, however it could change.

After being assigned a number, you keep it for the rest of your life.

Prostitution that is not consensual or involves someone under 18 years is illegal.

It's also against the law to compel or induce someone into sex work, or to provide their earnings. CASWLR favors the New Zealand model for Canada, arguing it has decreased violence against sex workers and increased police protection while improving employment conditions, including protection from harassment by the sex worker's employer.

The draft bill, C-36, also makes pimping illegal and prohibits advertisements about sexual services for sale but exempts sex workers from being prosecuted for advertising their own services.

When he introduced the bill, Justice Minister Peter Mac Kay said, "We've extensively looked at other countries internationally, other models that have been brought forward." The world can be divided into countries where prostitution is legal and illegal, and some where prostitution has limited legality, like the United States.

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