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He made it seem possible that this Falling asleep in church has always been frowned upon but rural chapels are to convert their pews into fold-out beds for the growing numbers of pilgrims treading the sacred paths.The number of people embarking on pilgrimages in Britain has increased by 20 per cent in the past two years, research shows.In time though, Ed proves to be the love of Carla's life, and the two became engaged in 1973. Ed blames himself for the death of his good friend Meredith Lord Wolek (Lynn Benesch), who is killed during a hostage crisis at the Lord family estate, Llanfair at the same time Carla finds her life on the line.This forces them to postpone the wedding as Carla is first nearly killed when her brakes fail and again when she is lured to the jeweler's by a mysterious man who poses as a policeman.Ancient routes are being revived and new routes marked out to link holy sites with historic cathedrals.About 30 new pilgrimage routes have opened in the past ten years, according to the British Pilgrimage Trust.

Ed is a blue-collar, "salt of the earth" workingman who initially considers Carla to be a stuck-up princess.In a discovery that might not look out of place in the plot of a Dan Brown novel, a scholar has found secret handwritten notes hidden beneath false pages pasted into the oldest printed Bible in England.The inscriptions, which have been concealed in the 1535 edition of the Bible, indicate that historians have been wrong about the extent of Henry VIII’s power over his subjects.Carla was one of the original characters created for the show and was featured in a ground-breaking and very controversial storyline about race relations.Carla was a lighter-skinned black American passing as a white woman (specifically an Italian American).

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Price is not in the least sympathetic to Carla's predicament.

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