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It’s almost like a contest, who can take better care of the other person.

You never have to ask someone to get something for you as the offer is always preceding the need.

I don’t even have to take out my own garbage – they have people who come and get it from your kitchen.

I don’t have to mow the lawn, fix the fence or change a light bulb. Me and Carlyn enjoy each other’s company to the extent that we don’t go out for dinner; we would rather sit across the table from each other.

And I miss Victoria, yes, but you miss all the people you’ve worked with over the years – they were an integral part to the success of the show.

I don’t miss the character, though, because my third on-screen wife, Ann Ewing, played by Brenda Strong, who was in Desperate Housewives, is the incarnation of Dallas.

But the people who come up to me now and say, “Oh my God, I was so in love with you in Dallas”, are usually accompanied by their married children and their grandchildren.

Even in the old days there wasn’t a lot of hard partying off set in the evenings. But the Seventies and Eighties were a different time. As you get older, your facility to bounce back lessens. I don’t have a drink at lunch or drive after a drink on set.

If there’s a football game on Larry will come over for that.

Even when we’re not in Dallas, we three always find each other because we need to.

I think there was a learning curve as we got to know each other, but instantly we were a family. We sit there and reminisce about the old days most of the time.

The original cast – me, Larry and Linda – just happen to know our characters better because we’ve had a longer rehearsal. My old on-screen wife, Pamela, played by Victoria Principal, isn’t there.

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Those days are over and I think that’s a good thing.

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