Teen dating issue

“A lot of the time girls look for a relationship to feel cosy and safe and ‘beautiful enough’ to have a boyfriend.

Girls feel like all the popular girls have a boyfriend and they don’t, so they are not smart or pretty enough.

It is vital that you address this issue in a way that will break the cycle of violence.

There are things you can do to help your teen and others recognize the abuse, understand the dynamics behind it, and get help to stop the behavior before it becomes a life-long pattern, such as: Is your daughter in danger? Murray identifies the controlling, abusive patterns of dating violence and helps you get your daughter out of the relationship without alienating her.

Author: Erika Ponce, student of psychology and writer of gender equality Teens seem to be growing up too fast at times, but they are also wiser than we may give them credit for.

One 15-year-old girl gave me her perspective on why it is that teens begin dating.

Dating young can have several negative effects on a girl’s life.

Expect to be called mushy nicknames like "dear," "duckie," "sweetie" and other pet names that might offend you if an American guy called you these same cheesy names.When we use generic phrases like “good girl,” we are often subliminally teaching our children to conform, do well and please.It’s possible they may then go on to want to please others by having the perfect relationship, the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend and become so tied up in being a good girl that they forget to be a real girl.However, bucking peer and media pressure to start dating young is a brave choice for any girl, and requires support and understanding from those who love her.Movies, music and television can make young girls think that being in a relationship will make them “more desirable” or ‘more mature.” Seeing images of couples in movies or hearing songs about love can make a girl yearn for a romantic relationship of her own. Like many other decisions we make in adolescence (what we wear, what we look like, whom we hang out with), what others think is often an important motivator.

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