Sreesanth dating riya sen

The latter, who had her limelight in South Indian films and had a stint with John Abraham in the Bollywood movie ‘Garam Masala’ met Sree on the sets of an ad shoot.

Both were close until the plot nosedived into anonymity.

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Sreesanth is dating Bollywood actress Shazahn Padamsee.

She is the budding new actress on the Bollywood circuit and admits to be friends with the cricketer.

But with her comments for Sreesanth claiming him to be ‘sweet’, one can’t help but read between the lines.

But in the meanwhile, as he recovers from his injury, one hopes that there is some pretty damsel by his side to pull him through the hard times.

Let’s give it to him for managing it all on his own, for being in the news for all the right and wrong reasons all the time.

One doesn’t know how this one came to happen but the story made quite a few rounds.

With both ends playing safe and denying the relationship, Sreesanth and Riya Sen were spotted together at a few important events and went around for a while till the time Riya Sen denied anything ‘serious’ between them.

They are seen spending good time with each other and also going on long drives.

It would not be a surprise to say that now that our very own miracle boy Sreesanth is recovering from a toe injury, he has kept himself away from the realm of controversies.

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