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Play it safe -- assume that all prices in Japan already include gratuity in the form of a service charge!Although there are exceptions, particularly as Western tourists continue to introduce gratuity in places where it wasn't expected, tipping generally isn't a part of Asian culture.Western tourists who feel they just want to help leave tips anyway, and inevitably the staff in establishments begin to expect tips more frequently.

I do not like treachery, stubbornness, misunderstanding, rudeness. Able to understand, to support during hard time, to respect and to defend.

They may not be able to speak enough English to explain why they are returning your money.

Tipping in Japan without a good reason -- or doing it the wrong way -- could come across as crass or rude.

With only a few exceptions -- the Philippines, for instance -- Asia doesn't have much of a culture or history of tipping.

In fact, giving someone additional money can insinuate that you don't believe they earn a fair wage.

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When in doubt about tipping in Asia, check the bill to see if a service charge has been added.

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