Advice on dating women

But the question is : why does she continue with the same guy?

However, if you simply understand how dating works, and what the rules are, confidence will come naturally.There are lots of great pick-up lines and things you can say to get a woman interested in you – but if you come from an emotionally needy or insecure place, none of them will work.On the other hand – if you’re so self-confident and comfortable with yourself that you literally radiate it, then it pretty much doesn’t matter what you say, because that “halo” of confidence is so attractive to women that they’ll love to be around you.But if you are in the nightclub trying to attract her know that women put you through various kinds of tests. It is a fact that women themselves don’t know what attracts them to a man.They would always say that they need a guy who is nice and shares their feelings.

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