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“About 2 to 2.5 million cars are sold in each of four EU countries a year, accounting for the lion's share of sales – those nations are France, Germany, Italy and the UK.These figures held very steady from 2000 to 2005, but after a brief upward bounce they appear to be heading steadily down.The various teams are: Shoot Shoot, Wanage, Fishing Yoyo, Information, Fortune Telling, Pachinko, Decoration and last but not the least, the Photobooth.Attached are also some of the shots taken during preparation!Speaking of Japanese Cultural Festival (JCF), JAC’s annual JCF is just right around the corner!JCF is one of JAC’s biggest annual event and although it will only be held for one day this year, I assure you that we will still be able to have fun and enjoy the event together! Various teams have been formed since last year and have been working very hard preparing to make this year’s JCF a success and I would like to take this chance to dedicate and introduce what the various teams have been doing in preparation for JCF!

The contract will start as indicated below, 1st term 0-1650 hours.The aim will be a joint promotion to use the product as part of a package with the car.This enables the dealer to cut the discount and/or include the product in the lease contract.Pachinko, led by Ryan, has handmade and done up a manual Pachinko slot machine that will be putting your luck and skills to the test! Fortune Telling, led by Wanlin, have made it possible for you to find out more about your current fortunes, where you can also purchase various Emas (絵馬) where you will be able to write your wishes on!Information, led by Jonathan Pong, have done intensive research on the various booth themes and design so that everyone can have a better understanding of the Japanese culture related to them!

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