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By removing these barriers to open-source AT software, users will not only have a single point of contact for obtaining open-source software but volunteer developers will also discover a forum where they can develop ideas and write software that meets the real needs of specific end users.

The deliverable of this project is a website this website will be unique, even among open source websites, since it aims to allow both end users, professionals and developers to interact in the same place.

A further outcome of the project will be work on the ease of use of software installation the aim of the project will be to allow seamless, simple, installation of appropriate software.

To this end some initial software will be packaged into OATS installers, possibly installing straight from the web page.

The website will be achieved through using a content management system (CMS) PLONE this extremely scalable CMS is W3C AA accessibility compliant.

Users will not only be able to download existing software, but register a need and request software development.

will have a dedicated area for project development with integrated code versioning system, bug and feature tracking, forums, documentation and publishing tools.

Web-based, it will provide a one-stop shop for end users, clinicians and open-source developers to meet, exchange notes, promote new ideas, develop new software and download reliable open-source AT software.

Initially, the OATS Project is a one-year pilot project finishing in March 2006.

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As we all know AT development remains an under funded field with its key players often working in relative isolation.

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