Sean connery dating history

relationship ended in 2011 (with Susannah Fielding).

But his hunky British demeanor and his dreamy, romantic ways have created a fascination surrounding his love life and, naturally, linked him to several different ladies throughout the years.

For his part, the actor, who more than most was motivated by the subject of cold hard cash, was impressed by the fact that Laing's exorbitant fee must mean the mind doctor had unshakeable faith in his abilities.

During their first appointment, Laing gave 34-year-old Connery a tab of pure LSD and took about a tenth of that amount himself (at the time, the drug was legal and would not become classified until 1966).

Check out a history of his romantic endeavors below:, "Tom is taken with Jess and it's serious.

It would also reveal in all its brutality Connery's dark side.Today, Miss Cilento says of the session: 'I believe with his enormous reserves and physical armouring, Sean resisted the drug.' Nonetheless, so traumatised and drained was Connery by the experience that he took to his bed for several days.More worryingly, the drug-fuelled encounter with the shrink opened up a vault of hidden anger and resentment towards his mother, Effie, whom at Laing's prompting Connery became convinced had withheld affection from him as a boy.Violence: Ex-wife Diane Cliento claims Connery was a violent husband Day and night, it was encircled by a baying mob of female fans, who thought nothing of climbing in through windows in the hope of getting close to their pin-up, or burgling the house when he was away to steal mementoes of the screen secret agent.Connery's actress wife, Diane Cilento, had read some of Laing's work and arranged a meeting between the two men in the hope that the doctor could help her husband come to terms with his troubling new found fame.

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