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You won’t believe how many mentally ill females exist, unfortunately the rate of hot girls is much higher.Make sure you speak with her on the phone to make sure she has a cute voice and it’s nice to talk with her The main purpose of using a dating app like tinder is to connect and date other people.Like always I have to analyse everything so I tried to find out what type of girls are using it, why they are using it and which ones you are able to meet.This is just an average, which is very different for every guy.

Ask for her instagram or facebook name to check more photos before you meet her. Maybe she looks good, even in reality but there is something wrong with her.Get your FREE copy, as well as access to other subscriber-only articles, podcasts, and video footage, now.Tinder Definition: It’s a Dating App, where you get displayed random girls from your area and can anonymously decide whether you like her or not.You don’t have to go out, get into state, push against your approach anxiety and have to deal with painful rejections.You can use it while sitting emotionless on your toilet.

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I can’t tell you how I hated it when we had a boys night out and some of my friends where using it while there were hot girls dancing around us.

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