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She was not born knowing she had to be in the sky, but it called her nonetheless.It had taken her to a small town in Kansas whose most famous resident happened to be Reuchlin Wright, the brother of aviators Orville and Wilbur. All “super-tall news lady heels,” as she calls them, close enough to grab on her way out to her job as a traffic and weather reporter at NBC affiliate KUSA in Denver with an ungodly a.m. Amelia’s father, Glen Earhart, was told throughout his life that there was some connection, and both Earhart families had lived in adjacent Pennsylvania counties. She will tell her friends, her family, her co-workers, and the television audience who watch her across Denver, along with her rapidly growing social-media fan base, that she shares no common ancestry with Earhart. She will be called a liar, a self-centered, talentless weather reporter who gained fame by using a name that didn’t belong to her — even though she had no part to play in being named after one of the world’s most famous women. Her family always said that they were related to the other Earharts.” In her world, “Amelia Earhart” was a college student in Boulder who waited tables and grew up alternating between Southern California high desert and Tonganoxie, Kansas, a town of barely 5,000 people that was most notable for once having had the largest dairy production facility in the state.She was not the feminist aviator who received high honors from foreign and national dignitaries, who said that women, like men, should try to do the impossible, and who so fascinated audiences everywhere that even the lunches she packed on her flights became a matter of interest.In the darkness of the single-car garage in her townhouse apartment in Denver, Amelia Rose Earhart’s identity shatters with one phone call. “We couldn’t find a connection.” Holding her head in her hands, she stares at the neatly arranged collection of high heels she keeps on two oriental rugs. The comparisons plagued her adolescence, as did that repetitive, endless question that followed moments of amazement and disbelief every time she uttered her name: “Are you related? And it did, although not always the kind she wanted.

And while I am her namesake, nothing in life is ever really as simple as we want it to be.” Up until then, Earhart had been touting her family relationship to the famous female aviator.A bit stunned by the news, Amelia Rose Earhart, a reporter for the NBC affiliate KUSA, realized she needed to share the news with the rest of the world.“Discovering who I’m not has led me to fully and finally understand who I really am,” Earhart announced in a video for KUSA on Friday.I loved it even through the circumstances were so strange.” Earhart says she wasn’t satisfied with the sparse details she had about her ostensible ancestor.Via Craigslist, she paid a genealogist 0 for more conclusive evidence of the connection.

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