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And these are supposed to be the people we model our lives after.But it seems we may have found the answer to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship without faking it for Instagram and filing for a divorce 20 years down the road. According to Playboy, an Imgur user might’ve found the secret to eternal love.These awkward situations are especially funny when turned into love coupons – just make sure he or she has a sense of humor! There is a version for Wife and Hubby, although you can mix and match them to suit your needs. If these coupons don’t suit your fancy, feel free to check out these other AMAZING printable coupon books! I’m Talitha from Love, Pomegranate House and I am thrilled to be joining the I Heart Nap Time Creative Team!

Plus, who doesn’t want to be able to pull out a coupon and say, “You must make me breakfast in bed tomorrow!Basic Blue & Brown Blue Flower Vintage Floral Of, course I couldn't leave you without a million (well, at least a dozen or two) ideas to make this a little easier.. If so, I'm sure you have other great ideas...leave a comment and enlighten me..everyone else who reads this post!But I do recommend using a cardstock paper so it is a little bit more durable. You’ll normally find me blogging about my adventures in DIY-ing, crafting, and making up delicious recipes for my hubby!Make sure to pin it so you can remember to print it out! You’ll love these too: Donut free printable Valentine You stole my heart free printable You are an ex STRAWordinary valentine I’m Talitha from Love, Pomegranate House!

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They are all lovely, and you are sure to please no matter which one you pick. That means that I love pretty things, and also that I like to make free printables!

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