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The first to vote shall be the junior member, and the presiding judge shall vote last.(4) Where, upon adjudication of the case on the merits, the court has to pronounce on several actions, a separate vote shall be taken on each of the said actions.In the absence of an applicable law, the court shall found the judgment thereof on the fundamental principles of law, custom and ethics. (1) Court proceedings shall commence on a petition by the interested party or on a motion by the prosecutor in the cases specified by a law.(2) The subject matter of the case and the amount of the protection and facilitation due shall be determined by the parties. (1) The court shall perform ex officio the procedural steps necessary for the progress and close of the case and shall see to the admissibility and due performance of the procedural steps by the parties.The court shall apply the law equally in respect of all. The court shall afford the parties an opportunity and shall facilitate the parties to establish the facts relevant to adjudication of the case. Cases shall be examined orally in public session, save as where a law provided that such examination take place in camera. The court shall weigh all evidence in the case and the arguments of the parties, guided by its inner conviction.Examination and Adjudication of Cases within Reasonable Time Article 13.who is a de facto cohabitee with any party to the case or with any representative of any such party; 4.

(2) The court shall serve upon the parties a duplicate copy of the acts which are subject to appellate review by separate appeal. (1) Each party shall have the right to be heard by the court before rendition of an act relevant to the rights and interests of the said party.

(2) The provisions of Items 2, 3 and 4 of Paragraph (1) shall not apply to any legal transactions and moves performed in execution of official functions of the persons or, respectively, in connection with the exercise of sovereign rights of the foreign State. (1) The parties to a property dispute may agree that the said dispute be settled by an arbitration court, unless the said dispute has as its subject matter any rights in rem or possession of a corporeal immovable, maintenance obligations or rights under an employment relationship.

(2) The arbitration may have a seat abroad if one of the party has his, her or its habitual residence, registered office according to the basic instrument thereof or place of the actual management thereof abroad. First-instance cases shall be examined by a one-judge panel, and intermediate appellate review cases and cassation cases shall be examined by a three-judge panel, including a presiding judge. (1) The deliberation and the voting of the court panel shall be moderated by the presiding judge and shall be conducted in camera. (3) The members of the panel shall vote in the order of seniority.

(2) The judge shall be obligated to exclude himself or herself in the cases covered under Items 1 to 5 of Paragraph (1), and should he or she decline the recusal under Item 6 of Paragraph (1), to disclose the circumstances. (1) Each of the parties may move for exclusion during a hearing after the grounds for an exclusion have arisen or have become known.

(2) The court shall determine the question of the exclusion with the participation of the judge in respect of whom the motion was made.

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(2) Where any persons participating in the case have no command of the Bulgarian language, the court shall appoint an oral interpreter with the assistance of whom such persons shall perform the court procedural steps and shall be provided with an explanation of the steps taken by the court.

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