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furthermore, If Joseph had been white he would have aroused the curiosity of the brothers very rapidly. International Mobile Equipment Identity No which can be used to track it anywhere in the world. We went to the police station together with the woman and I still explained to the policeman that I was innocent... With that being said we really do not need any more proof that the Israelites where black. So the policeman asked the woman to call her phone..

In the silence, I heard the ticking of the watch and just looked for it in that direction.” A peaceful mind can think well than a worked up mind.

This post is a message to all those who forget the good things a person did for them as soon as the person makes a mistake towards them.

Don’t put out the history that is filled with good because of a mistake you don’t like.

Amid his serious laughter he says "isn't that the drunkard guy who entered the car while we were pushing it?

Just then three guys came into the same bar, soaked wet, then one of then recognised me and starts laughing uncontrollably pointing at me.

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I quickly get into the passenger side and close the door.

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